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Announcing RDT's latest production...


Returning Soon in June 2024! 


Jackson Crash is an original, one-man musical performed by Jonathan Riedel and written by Jonathan Riedel and Sherri Muroff Kalt. It depicts, with humor and vulnerability, a queer young man’s journey from bullying and parental neglect to becoming a truck driver, starting a family, surviving addiction, and searching for his own honest identity --  all the while being chased by an insidious demon called The Creeper-Man — the dark embodiment of his anxiety and depression.  The show emphasizes the fundamental importance for all human beings to be grounded in their authentic core --  and revels in the journey to find the people we call family and places where it is safe to be you.  Jackson Crash is both an everyman, and his own unique creation.  Come hear his story!

Read the full synopsis.  Click here to link to the music.


A New Name in Music: Rubber Skulls

Jonathan Riedel's goth-rock-techno-pop band, Rubber Skulls, releases their third album, World Burn Bright, now available on all major streaming platforms.  Visit rubberskulls.com for links and full details.

A New Name In Fashion: Righteous Stitch

Jonathan, RDT and Rubber Skulls venture into visual art and fashion with Righteous Stitch.  Jonathan Riedel creates orginal, unique, custom jackets and hats designed with appliqué patches, charms, studs, and other media.  

Visit righteousstitch.com for more information and to start an order!




Second Story Dance Project:
Intimate Showcase and Creative Discussion
featuring finished and developing works by choreographers 
Jonathan Riedel, Lorena Egan-Alvarado and Mandy Kirschner Salva and process discussions with the artists 
Sunday, December 9, 2018
2 pm
Mamaroneck Public Library
136 Prospect Ave.
Mamaroneck, NY  10543

RDT's Second Story Dance Project to premiere Jonathan Riedel's Brittle Branches.  This duet explores themes of loss and despair as two dancers entwine and scaffold each other, processing their grief.  Set to "Piano Trio, Op.21" by Antonin Dvorak, this piece will be danced by Lorena Egan-Alvarado and Mandy Kirshner Salva.


Steffi Nossen Choreographer's Showcase
Saturday, November 10, 2018, 2:00pm
The Emelin Theatre
153 Library Lane
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Albany Berkshire Ballet to premiere new Riedel work, Verdant Fire, movement IIThis duet is the last of four movements created for Verdant Fire on various companies over the past 10 years -  which means the ballet is now complete! ABB will perform this new movement as well as movement III, which they premiered in February on their program at The Stationery Factory in Dalton, MA on August 16th. Also on the program: a work by executive director Mary Talmi, and a viewing of the documentary film, Moving Stories, exploring the works and outreach of Battery Dance. Should be a great night!





Watch, Do and Make Dance!


Sunday, April 15, 2018, 2:30-3:30pm


Westchester Children's Museum

Rye, New York


RDT's Second Story Dance Project, in collaboration with the Westchester Children's Museum (discoverwcm.org), has created a special choreographic children's workshop called Watch, Do and Make Dance!  Our choreographers will perform small portions of their current works, each segment either music-driven, emotion/character-driven, or movement/shape-driven.  The dancers will teach a phrase from each piece to the children, then help them develop new choreography incorporating what they have learned.  The dancers and children will put all the material together to create their own original dance. Designed for elementary school-aged kids.

Come join us for this unique dance experience!






Second Story Dance Project:

Works-in-Progress Studio Showing


Featuring 4 developing works by Jonathan Riedel Lorena Egan-Alvarado Mandy Kirschner Salva


Talk back and mingle with the artists Refreshments will be served


Sunday, March 18, 2018 4:30-6:30 PM


$10 adults/kids are free


Steffi Nossen School of Dance

216 Central Avenue

White Plains, NY 10606



Two Riedel works to be performed by the

Albany Berkshire Ballet. We are thrilled to announce that not one, but two of our most musical and heart pounding works will be performed by the Albany Berkshire Ballet during their spring Process and Performance program.  
Lisa Iannacito McBride, Associate Artistic Director of RDT and current ABB member, is reconstructing Verdant Fire, Mvt. III and Lemon Grove for the company and will be featured in both works. 


If you are in the Albany/Berkshire area, please come and see the show! 
Albany Berkshire Ballet
Process and Performance
"Live Music + Dance"

Saturday, March 10 @ 7:30PM
$20 General Admission/$5 Students

Ticket price includes:
6:30 Drinks and Appetizers
7:30 Performance
8:30 Discussion and Dessert

The Stationery Factory
63 Flansburg Ave, Dalton, MA 01226

SSDP New Trio of Video Promos: We are delighted to introduce our new trio of video promos created by our wonderful friend, photographer, videographer - and professional dancer - Hope Davis.  The clips are punchy, bubbly and fun and feature our dancers and kids in various states of creating and playing.


New Photo Montage of the Second Story Dance Project with Images by Hope Davis and Original Music by Jonathan Riedel: Enjoy the dramatic play of light and shadow in these captivating photos.  Davis' images simultaneously reveal and obscure the dancers’ personalities, emotional depth and complex performances.  The photographs practically vibrate with emotional intensity and emanate an edgy, yet ethereal energy.


Second Story's First Fundraising Campaign is a Smashing Success! 
An amazing group of friends, colleagues and family members put us way over the top!  Your generous contributions left our goal of raising $5000 in the dust! Thanks to you all, we now have $9846 to:  

-Create original work examining the dynamics permeating this stage of our lives. 

-Share the details of our creating-while-caregiving model with our colleagues using online platforms. 

-Orchestrate studio showings to integrate both students and patrons into our process. 

You recognized the challenge: our society can't afford to lose the unique contributions of dancers and choreographers at the peak of their technical and artistic powers.  Your financial support allows us to sustain an environment in which dance professionals nurture their creative selves while taking care of their children. You have given us a resounding vote of confidence in our efforts to change an outdated paradigm in the dance community.  Together, we are showing the world that it CAN be done.


We are grateful to the following donors for making it all possible:


Our Colleagues: $1200 Contribution

Janice and Armand Paganelli


Our Partners: $1000 Contribution

Carolyn and Charlie Thornton

Our Sponsors: $500 Contribution
Bethany and Larry Kenney
Barbara and Stan Muroff

Tamara and Bill Pullman
Max Salva and Nate Salva

Our Patrons: $300 Contribution
Linda and Neil Kirschner

Lynn and Jules Kroll

Dr. Deborah Weisfuse and Dr. Robert Lipner

Suzanne and George Riedel
Sandra Sborofsky

Cheryl and David Simon

Ann and Larry Yarbrough

Our Friends: $150+ Contribution
Jean Ann and Jim Alter
Susan Arensberg

Susan Courtney
Lesa Curtis

Catherine Kerr

Amparo McDowell
Brian Mittman
Dorothy and Robert Muroff

Ashley Thorndike-Youssef

Our Supporters: $75+ Contribution
Alma Blount

Jeanne Calloway

Dr. Raymond Chow

Beth and David Conley

Christina Davidson

Janet Gerrish

Luz Hammershaimb

Charlotte and Armand Harris

Joan Kane

Hattie and Rick Katkow

Samantha Kenney
Jolie Lechtman
Andrew Muroff
Susan and Glenn Rones

Joan Sigler

Janine Wicklund

Our $10 to $75 Club
Jose Alvarado

Louis Chavez

Drs. Anita and Ed Dworkin

Andrea Kozai
Lisa McComsey

Suzanne O'Brien

Susan Preslier

Cathy and Steven Riedel

Stephen Salzer
Hollie Shaivitz
Julie and Richard Troy

Carol and Scott Walker

Private Contribution
Marie and Dante Lomibao

Second Story Seeks Funding for Second Phase: RDT is launching an Indiegogo campaign to support our pioneering initiative, Second Story Dance Project! 

Knowing that the dance world loses a broad swath of talent when artists give up their careers to have children, we at Second Story are changing this paradigm. With your support, we are fashioning an open environment  where dancers/choreographers work with their kids by their side, exploring unique themes of their "second chapter" of life. With your help, these dance professionals no longer have to choose between their art and their families!  We have found a way to do both!  And we're using blogs and social media to inspire our colleagues, spreading the word throughout the creative community:  it CAN be done! Become part of this groundbreaking  effort, Creating-While-Caregiving!  Click here to check out our BRAND NEW VIDEO and DONATE NOW to our Indiegogo campaign, or DONATE HERE through PayPal!  Be one of the first to “break all the rules”!



Announcing Second Story Dance Project: Riedel Dance Theater introduces Second Story Dance Project, a collective of artists who, after starting families, are reclaiming their creative selves and redefining their creative outlet. The dance world loses a broad swath of talent when artists give up their careers to have children. We are changing this paradigm. We are fashioning an open environment where dancers and choreographers work with their kids by their side, exploring unique themes from their "second chapter" of life.  Click the tab above marked "Second Story Dance Project" for more information. 


A New Solo is Brewing: Jonathan and Maggie Bradley are plugging away at a new, epic endeavor. A solo in three parts, this piece - the first piece he's made since the birth of his daughter and the death of his father - encapsulates a very personal journey for Jonathan.  It may prove to be an importatant work in the Riedel repertory.  You can follow its development at www.processinrealtime.com.

Announcing Process in Real TimeJonathan and author Sherri Muroff Kalt have teamed up again, this time to create a new blog that chronicles the creative process.  Process in Real Time is currently following Jonathan's rehearsals as he makes his latest piece, a solo for RDT dancer Maggie Bradley. The blog highlights not only salient choreographic details but the struggle of day to day dynamics that affect the piece and the emotional highs and lows of the process.  Each stage of the work is documented with video and written observations by Sherri, Jonathan, and Maggie so viewers can experience the progress of the work over time and gleen insight into why and how it is evolving.  

Come see for yourself: www.processinrealtime.com.    


On Sale Now! Portrait of an Artistic Journey: The Creative Process in Real Life Context: Author Sherri Muroff Kalt documents an extraordinary account of choreographer Jonathan Riedel's external challenges—from financial issues and rehearsal-derailing blizzards to the birth of his son—as well as his internal struggles with fear, insecurity, anxiety, and grief. Jonathan candidly shares how these complexities helped shape his work. Plus, readers experience the creative (and sometimes frustrating) collaborative process through the dancers’ eyes.

While the details of Jonathan’s process are unique to him, the underlying dynamics are familiar to all artists. By illuminating his journey—the good, the bad, and the ugly—fellow creators gain insight into their own artistic development. Buy the book herewww.processportraits.com

Riedel Dance Theater

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