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Second Story Seeks Funding for Second Phase: RDT is launching an Indiegogo campaign to support our pioneering initiative, Second Story Dance Project! 

Knowing that the dance world loses a broad swath of talent when artists give up their careers to have children, we at Second Story are changing this paradigm. With your support, we are fashioning an open environment  where dancers/choreographers work with their kids by their side, exploring unique themes of their "second chapter" of life. With your help, these dance professionals no longer have to choose between their art and their families!  We have found a way to do both!  And we're using blogs and social media to inspire our colleagues, spreading the word throughout the creative community:  it CAN be done! Become part of this groundbreaking  effort, Creating-While-Caregiving!  Click here to check out our BRAND NEW VIDEO and DONATE NOW to our Indiegogo campaign, or DONATE HERE through PayPal!  Be one of the first to “break all the rules”!



Announcing Second Story Dance Project: Riedel Dance Theater introduces Second Story Dance Project, a collective of artists who, after starting families, are reclaiming their creative selves and redefining their creative outlet. The dance world loses a broad swath of talent when artists give up their careers to have children. We are changing this paradigm. We are fashioning an open environment where dancers and choreographers work with their kids by their side, exploring unique themes from their "second chapter" of life.  Click the tab above marked "Second Story Dance Project" for more information. 


A New Solo is Brewing: Jonathan and Maggie Bradley are plugging away at a new, epic endeavor. A solo in three parts, this piece - the first piece he's made since the birth of his daughter and the death of his father - encapsulates a very personal journey for Jonathan.  It may prove to be an importatant work in the Riedel repertory.  You can follow its development at www.processinrealtime.com.

Announcing Process in Real TimeJonathan and author Sherri Muroff Kalt have teamed up again, this time to create a new blog that chronicles the creative process.  Process in Real Time is currently following Jonathan's rehearsals as he makes his latest piece, a solo for RDT dancer Maggie Bradley. The blog highlights not only salient choreographic details but the struggle of day to day dynamics that affect the piece and the emotional highs and lows of the process.  Each stage of the work is documented with video and written observations by Sherri, Jonathan, and Maggie so viewers can experience the progress of the work over time and gleen insight into why and how it is evolving.  

Come see for yourself: www.processinrealtime.com.    


On Sale Now! Portrait of an Artistic Journey: The Creative Process in Real Life Context: Author Sherri Muroff Kalt documents an extraordinary account of choreographer Jonathan Riedel's external challenges—from financial issues and rehearsal-derailing blizzards to the birth of his son—as well as his internal struggles with fear, insecurity, anxiety, and grief. Jonathan candidly shares how these complexities helped shape his work. Plus, readers experience the creative (and sometimes frustrating) collaborative process through the dancers’ eyes.

While the details of Jonathan’s process are unique to him, the underlying dynamics are familiar to all artists. By illuminating his journey—the good, the bad, and the ugly—fellow creators gain insight into their own artistic development. Buy the book herewww.processportraits.com

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